Q: What will the schedule look like?

A: The Family Retreat schedule will be loosely based around a typical day at summer camp - including camp fire! Families will be encouraged to participate in as much programming as they like. Meals will be scheduled, and there will be plenty of free time to spend at the beach!

Q: What are the sleeping accommodations like?

A: The cabins at the Bonnenfant centre have 4 separate rooms in each cabin. Families will have their own room but will share a main entrance with 2-3 other families. Each room has 2 bunk beds (arrangements will be made for larger families - such as 2 rooms side by side). Families will need to bring their own sleeping bags and pillows. Cabins are basic, rustic, but clean. Washrooms and showers are in a separate building close by.

Q: What if my child is not a great sleeper?

A: We are encouraging families to give it a try! We will have a living room space set up where you can bring your child if they are having trouble sleeping. After a full day outside, your child may surprise you! We are also located only 20mins from Ottawa so if it doesn’t work out you can always return in the morning.

Q: Are there any age limits for children?

A: Nope! The family retreat is meant for families with children aged 0-17. Smaller children may not be able to participate in all traditional camp activities but there will be lots of “little” activities just for them!

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: We welcome service animals, but not pets!

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: We will send out a packing list prior to your retreat.

Q: What support can I expect for my child?

A: Our goal is to provide 1:1 support for all autistic children. Based on the support needs of the rest of the campers this may not always be possible. Prior to your retreat we will ask you to fill out an inclusion form to describe your child’s support needs. Each family will have a dedicated staff member to hang out with them all weekend! They can attend activities with the whole family or take 1-2 children (based on need) to participate on their own.

Q: What does an inclusive, diverse and supportive environment look like?

A: Our vision for our program is that it is designed for everyone. We have centred our programming around neuro-atypical people. For example, this means we are scent-free, stim-friendly, and difference welcoming. If we can do anything to make your experience more comfortable, please let us know!

Q: Is the Family Retreat only for families with an Autistic child?

A: Yep! Everyone attending the Family Retreat will have a level of understanding to your family. That means no judgement, little explaining, and LOTS of fun!